Frontal Lobe Blog – End is in Sight!

The good news is everyone over 65 is eligible for vaccines in CA. The bad news is that they are not available. Okay guys we should be used to this by now. We have been living with changes in what the government tells us is good for us for many, many months. Let us hope we can learn coping skills from this experience to deal with constant change.

There are many programs that tell us to focus on the things we can control and to not fret over that which we cannot control. This pandemic has greatly reduced the sheer volume of things we can control and introduced a new level of government control into our lives. The overall fear of this disease appears to be easing our acceptance of measures by the state but regardless, there is very little that we can do to change things in the short term.

With all that is in chaos around us, let us all focus on what is most important to us. First, we need to stay healthy and not contract covid-19. We must practice the accepted guidelines like mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing. For those of us who are most vulnerable, it is wise to practice additional caution and avoid gatherings beyond our family members and to limit outings to necessities. We should be searching for ways to get vaccinated from as many sources as we can with the trust that once the numbers of vaccinated people increase, more public spaces will open and our lives will be improved. Yes, this is frustrating and annoying but keep at it until you succeed.

It is not necessary to be isolated. You can join in the on-line activities at Neuro Vitality Center, senior centers, UCR and many other sites who want you to keep your mind active and to socialize with others who are in this together. The continued lockdowns and warnings are by their nature designed to keep us apart. We thrive on being together so let us use our creativity and inventiveness to prove we can continue to grow and expand our knowledge, enjoy interacting in a virtual way and being with others in new and different manners. We may find that as the months go on and more things open us we may find returning to on-line groups and new friends made on-line will become another way for us to enjoy life to the fullest. The end of the pandemic is in sight. Let’s try to come out of this with new skills and a better ability to handle change and grow from it.