Tips to Pump up Your Yoga Routine Anxiety-Free

Yoga is a practice that includes movement of the body, breathing techniques, and mental exercises. The body movements of yoga are slow and deliberate. The breathing techniques are measured and precise. Yoga involves a calming and centering of the mind in conjunction with the breathing and body movements to take full effect. Yoga exemplifies growth, challenges, and learning your own body. 

Go Deeper

Meditation and yoga go hand-in-hand, but it’s an aspect many enthusiasts overlook. Mindful meditation is more than just zoning out and letting your mind wander. The intention is to block out all other thoughts and focus solely on your true self. The daily flow of thoughts that run through your head must be set aside. It is difficult and takes practice to be successful, and as It can take decades to master advanced meditation techniques. Be patient with yourself.

It’s helpful to set up a space to encourage deeper meditation. For example, many people find it easiest to use guided meditation apps while they are home alone, in a place where they feel more open and relaxed. Consider apps like Aura or InsightTimer that you can enjoy from your phone or other devices so you can go wherever you need for some peace and quiet. Choose a spot free of distractions that you can turn into your own personal sanctuary.

You might want to add some incense, houseplants, or crystals to establish an appropriate atmosphere. Make sure you have a comfortable, supportive cushion as well. A few pieces of equipment can be a boon, too, like yoga blocks, straps, and a WristWand. Props like blocks and straps allow you to do poses with support, and a WristWand is ideal for those suffering with repetitive stress injuries.

It Only Takes a Few Minutes

Just a few minutes of yoga breathing, meditation or a simple pose can have great benefits. That’s how powerful it is. It’s okay to engage in as little as seven minutes of yoga asanas on days when time is tight. Don’t get so caught up in timelines and achievements that you don’t appreciate the opportunities you have. Remain focused on the positive, even on busy days.

Failing Is a Part of the Journey

It is impossible to grasp the entire concept of yoga and all its facets right off the bat, and even those with many years of yoga experience face challenges. Always remember that every failure is a perfect opportunity to learn and perfect your technique.

Set Goals

Yoga is about growth and discipline. The more you practice the better you get. A great way to measure your success is to consistently set goals. As you grow in skill and meet each goal you set, you gain a feeling of accomplishment along with the many benefits of advanced yoga.

While yoga is an ancient discipline, today’s technological advances make setting goals easier than ever. For instance, a fitness band like an Apple Watch or connected workout wear that tracks your movements can help you monitor your vital signs and alignment, so you can stay abreast of your progress during each workout and over time. While expensive, the benefits of new tech can outweigh the costs. There are also ways to save money on these devices, like looking for sales, coupons, and cashback offers. For example, some retailers have extended their holiday deals all year long.

Adapt and Advance

While the more advanced yoga techniques can be difficult to master, it isn’t hard to start learning yoga. Beginning yoga poses are simple, and there are many ways to adapt them to your level of skill. The key is to practice on a consistent basis and set goals that help you grow and progress.

Yoga is beneficial to every part of the human body. It can be mastered by starting with just a few minutes a day. Even a mild curiosity is enough to embark on this journey of strength and well-being, and a small step out of your comfort zone will result in a lifetime of reward.

Contributed by Sophie Letts,