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Dr. Jay Seller

Dr. Jay Seller, Executive Director/Program Director
Dr. Jay Seller joined the Neuro Vitality Center staff as their Executive Director in 2020. Previously, he was the Executive Director of NeuAbility, located in Denver, Colorado. He comes to Neuro Vitality Center with more than twenty years’ experience in the nonprofit sector. He has a rich passion for creativity and ingenuity and brings those characteristics to all his endeavors. His passion for the nonprofit sector is seen through his previous philanthropic work as President for Arts for Colorado and Chief Operations Officer for Colorado Thespians. Dr. Seller is the recipient of the Joseph Moore Award for Dedication to the Profession/Lesley University, Making a Difference Award/Walden University, Hall of Fame/EdTA and Colorado Thespians, USA Today All-Star Educator, ACT Outstanding Professional, Richard K. Knaub Outstanding Contribution to the Field, and the CTG Outstanding Work in Advocacy. Dr. Seller holds a BS in Business Administration, MA in Education, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Dr. Seller is recognized as a Change Leader through the Colorado Office of Economic Development. Dr. Seller is an active legislative advocate for communities ensuring transformational changes in both funding and legislation for nonprofits.

Beverly Greer

Beverly Greer, Administrator
Since 2005, Beverly Greer has been Chief Executive Officer of the Neuro Vitality Center, formerly the Stroke Recovery Center. A veteran healthcare administrator, Beverly led the organization’s research to document the validity of long-term rehabilitation in reducing overall healthcare costs. Beverly authored and published Long-Term Rehabilitation for Stroke and TBI: Building a Community (2011), a manual describing the methodology for the care of disabled Clients to achieve the benefits documented at the Center. Beverly was responsible for leading the charge to rebrand the Stroke Recovery Center to the Neuro Vitality Center. Beverly approaches each business challenge with an intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem solving and measured risk-taking to drive bottom-line improvements and returns.
Recognized as a high-performing executive, Beverly has worked more than 25 years in healthcare administration; managing several hospitals, medical groups, and managed care organizations from Anaheim to Lancaster. She holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Pepperdine University. Beverly shares her expertise as an industry consultant throughout the Western United States, serving on the Advisory Council for the Riverside Office on Aging and Chair of the Healthy Living Committee. She served for nine years as a program committee member evaluating fundable health projects for the Desert Healthcare District, a local foundation working to support health and wellness initiatives. In 2014 she was appointed to serve as a member of the Stroke Task Force of the American Heart Association, Western States Affiliate. Members of the task force are key figures in their communities, representing a broad spectrum of stroke care and rehabilitation specialties.

Trenton Allmang-Wilder

Trenton Allmang-Wilder, Social Worker
Born and raised in Palm Springs, California, Trenton Allmang-Wilder remains dedicated to improving his local community. He currently has 7 years of social work experience following his sports career in American Football. He earned a scholarship with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. While balancing the workload of a student-athlete, Trent earned honors for his academic and on-field performance. Upon graduation, he pursued a career in professional athletics while engaging in volunteer social work. In 2013, Trent began his first job in social services as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist after retiring from his sports career.
Trent grew more passionate in the field of social work and decided to relocate back to Southern California to continue his education. During this time, he maintained a working position as a case manager/facilitator for at-risk families with open court cases. Trent was responsible for conducting family and team meetings in conjunction with the Department of Social Services in order to advocate for family needs and/or concerns. After working in case management for 3 and a half years, Trent decided to engage in clinical social work to gather additional experience in mental health. During the foundation year of his master’s program, Trent interned at a military academy as a school social worker. Students were referred to his caseload depending on their immediate mental health needs as he provided therapeutic strategies to facilitate improvement in their academic performance. The following year, Trent earned a competitive paid internship position at Patton State Hospital as a forensic social worker. He conducted individual and group psychotherapy sessions with severely mentally ill Clients with criminal backgrounds. He was recognized for his ability to build a strong professional rapport with his clientele and leading successful group sessions.
In 2020, Trent earned his Master’s degree from California State University, San Bernardino. Trent brings in a unique skillset and has a wide variety of social work experience. His passion to benefit future generations is motivational and inspiring. “The choices we make define our character. Don’t let someone else write your book.”

Joe Christopher

Joe Christopher, Accountant
Mr. Christopher graduated from Western Washington State College (now Western Washington University) with a double Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration. Joe began as staff accountant for a small television station in Bellingham, Washington. He has held various accounting positions including a Controller for a printed circuit board manufacturing facility, and Regional Accounting Manager for USA TODAY in Seattle and Los Angeles. In 1990, he became controller of a sand cast aluminum foundry that was included in INC Magazine for their 500 most rapidly expanding privately owned companies in the US (1990-2001). Joe moved to Coachella Valley in 2001 and worked as an accountant for a CPA firm specializing in home owner association accounting. Joe then moved to Product Accountant at a nationally televised “infomercial” company, as product accountant for products such as Sheer Cover and ProActiv. In 2016, Joe made the decision to work on a part time basis and became the account for Neuro Vitality Center.

Brenda Crawford

Brenda Crawford, Adult Exercise Specialist
Brenda “Bootsie” Crawford has been aiding clients in maximizing their full physical potential at the Neuro Vitality Center for the past ten years building on her passion for exercise and nutrition as the pillars of good health for all people, young and old, infirm or healthy. As a young child in Louisville, KY, Brenda or Bootsie as her Dad fondly called her, was challenged by digestive issues and was early to realize with the help of her Mom and Aunt, the benefits of good eating habits and exercise. Together they encouraged walking, playing in the park, and steered away from fried foods and the attraction of the local fast foods. Not an easy thing to do in Kentucky. As Bootsie grew up she volunteered in a local nursing home and it was there that the genesis of her life-time passion for helping those in need to move and be independent was born. She was quick to understand that the ability to be active and independent was the key to good health for elderly frail individuals. She also realized that an individual’s home is the place that everyone needs to be afforded the comfort of for an improved quality of life.
Brenda pursued a career while always keeping her passion alive working part time in a health food store demonstrating the benefits of good nutrition and keeping fit herself. In the late ’80’s after a move to California, she left her job of almost 20 years and ventured out to the desert to fulfill her passion. She became a certified personal trainer in 1999 and put out her brand as “Bodies by Bootsie,” working one-on-one with individuals to keep moving, building their strength, and enjoying the benefits of good health. She was recruited by World Gym and worked for a number of years leading groups, doing water aerobics, strength training, and Pilates.
During that time one of her clients was Marilyn Hirshliefer, widow of the founder of the Stroke Recovery Center. Marilyn introduced Bootsie to the work taking place with Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injured (TBI) Clients and all of Bootsie’s passions were realized. Over the last ten years at Neuro Vitality Center, Bootsie has grown and expanded with the center working with Stroke and TBI survivors, and offering Parkinson’s sufferers classes and now expanding services to CBAS clients. Along the way she saw the value of Yoga and became a registered Yoga instructor in 2013. Bootsie’s gentle but firm hand always assists, never enables, always encourages. She is pillar of our programs and embodies all the spirit of community and help that the Center offers.

Sylvia Martinez

Sylvia Martinez, Activities Director
Sylvia is currently the Activities Director at Neuro Vitality Center. Her job is to provide activities for clients within the facility on a daily basis. This is a challenging role as the Center has a variety of clients with numerous diagnosis all within the same facility. Sylvia is also bilingual, and Neuro Vitality Center is thrilled to have her provide a multi-cultural experience to all that she provides.
Sylvia has numerous years of experience in the customer service field and has worked at many of the big box retailers. Her passion for working with diverse populations and assisting others is evident in her career paths. Sylvia comes to us after working in a skilled nursing facility as their program director. Within the facility she provided numerous activities that were person-centered and truly engaged the participants to live a rich and full life. At the Neuro Vitality Center, we consider ourselves fortunate to have the assorted talents and experience that Sylvia brings to the table.

Nancy Doheny

Nancy Doheny, Nursing
Nancy has an accomplished 35-year career as a Registered Nurse (RN) with a variety of career experiences including; Head Nurse of a Medical Surgical Hospital Unit, Assistant Director of Skilled Nursing Facility, a Home Health and Hospice nurse, and an Area Director of Business Development. Nancy attributes the variety of experiences she has had as an asset to transition into her position here at Neuro Vitality Center, as a RN of our Adult Daycare services.
In Nancy’s personal history she suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury as a young child, while living in Montréal, Canada. Nancy also was the sole caregiver for her parents, which she states has allowed her to have increased empathy approach and to bring a unique perspective to her role here at Neuro Vitality Center.

Brandon Riggs, Chef/Kitchen Manager
Brandon comes to Neuro Vitality Center with a history of over ten years in the culinary field. Previously he worked at Maletrote in Grand Rapids Michigan, providing meal service to the homeless community. Brandon is our Kitchen Manager and lead Chef at Neuro Vitality Center, responsible for delivering daily nutrition needs to the Community Based Adult Services program. Brandon states, “I love assisting others who are in need. The mission, goals and objectives of Neuro Vitality Center in providing meals for adults is inspiring.” Brandon moved to Pam Springs area to be closer to his sons. He has three boys, twins which are 7 years old, and an 18-year-old. In his free time Brandon enjoys video games and basketball with his boys.

Mike Kuldanek

Mike Kuldanek, Speech Therapist
Mike Kuldanek our Speech and Language Pathologist at the Neuro Vitality Center. Mike began his time at Neuro Vitality Center as a volunteer and then became a member of the staff in 2019. Previously, Mike worked at Easy Speech Pathology, Inc. and volunteered for Lingraphica at their Virtual Connections Academy.
Mike is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Science and Disorders. Mike also brings a past of extensive work in the public schools, working with children and adolescents with a variety of communication impairments. His passion is to assist all individuals find their voice.

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