Everyone deserves to live life to its fullest regardless of age. At the Neuro Vitality Center, we support those who need assistance to do so. NVC is working diligently with the Coachella Valley’s adult and older adult populations providing extensive adult day programming and meals. Whether you have been impacted by a chronic illness or disability, we have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to improve your quality of life – no matter how difficult that may seem.

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COVID and ongoing OPEN Services
The devastation that COVID has brought to our Nation cannot be understated. At Neuro Vitality Center we cannot provide in-person services at this time, but we have adjusted our business model to continue services through telehealth, telephonic and virtual options.

We are aggressively providing virtual experiences for our clients. California has labeled these activities as Temporary Alternative Services (TAS). Neuro Vitality Center has online activity classes, social worker support and medical advice through telemedical conferencing. We also have a menu of classes live online such as personal exercise classes, Yoga, morning stretches, gaming activities, educational opportunities, and much more. Clients can join us for numerous activities and games all conducted online with Zoom. We want you to avoid feelings of isolation or depression during these stay-at-home days, by keeping you connected and benefiting from the energy of individual and group activities, and through our personal phone calls. We also provide a robust meal service delivered to your home, providing healthy options for lunch. Call today to be a part of our program 760-323-7676, or email us at info@neurovitalitycenter.org

Benefits of the Temporary Alternative Services (TAS)

  • One-on-One interactions between the provider and the client
  • Monitored care and services by a registered nurse
  • Daily interactions with others in similar situations
  • Innovative activities to stimulate your mental and emotional state
  • Guided exercise programs and activities to encourage your physical wellbeing
  • Reducing the risk of isolation and loneliness, while improving your mental health and mood
  • Virtual instructors are far more accessible
  • Virtual Exercise classes provide the following benefits
    • Reduce your risk of heart diseases, and manage blood sugar and insulin levels
    • Keeps your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp
    • Assists in controlling your weight
    • Strengthens your bones and muscles
    • Reduces your risk of falls
    • Improves your sleep
    • Increases your chances of living longer
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Treatment at the Neuro Vitality Center is an experience like no other. Our specialists work with you to discover what you need to assist in making your life better. Together, we will develop a plan based on your identified goals supporting you in reclaiming control and confidence in your life. Over time, you’ll find a new sense of joy and purpose. Life will feel worth living.

For more than 40 years, we have worked with the survivors of stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and neurological disorders. Our services are not structured according to your particular problem, instead we address your personal goals. Our multidisciplinary team has created a diverse array of person-centered programming to provide you and your loved ones with tools, treatments, education, and therapies targeted to complex physical, medical, emotional and social challenges. You are much more than just a client, you will be a supported partner on the path to a better life.

Treating the person, not the affliction
At Neuro Vitality Center, we take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to address the physical, cognitive and psychological needs of each of our Clients, their caregivers and their families. Our care plans, designed by multidisciplinary teams of highly qualified and motivated therapists are innovative and evolve over time, empowering our Clients with the capacity to manage their conditions and achieve maximum feasible functionality over time.