The Champions Volunteer Foundation.

The Champions Volunteer Foundation is a California non-profit organization whose specific and primary purpose is to raise funds for other non-profit organizations that support but are not limited to youth, recreational, educational, and well-care programs. Since its founding in 2002, The Champions Volunteer Foundation has donated more than $3 million to nearly 50 different local non-profit organizations annually through a grant application process.
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C.A.A.R.E.S strives to be more than another agency. We make every effort to make a difference in our community by supporting the leaders that contribute to our way of life today…our aging population. Our programs will affect the lives of 100’s each year who are having issues with the progression of aging, disabilities, hunger, illness, loneliness, and substandard housing. C.A.A.R.E.S family would like to contribute to caring for our aging, help protect their dignity, celebrate their achievements, and embolden their families/caregivers.
Mission… Dedicated to providing resources that respond to the needs of ageless individuals with medical, social, and economic disadvantages. Our purpose is to promote value in life, maintain independence, encourage confidence, foster spiritual well-being, reassure safety, and advocate for excellent and professional services. We strive to increase awareness by collaborating, educating, encouraging, and funding resources that meet the needs of our complex population; thus promoting health, preventing illness, enhancing the quality of life, and increasing years.
The Medicare Plans Patient Resource Center supports the families and loved ones of older adults and people with disabilities. We’re dedicated to providing access to affordable health care through educational programs, interactive resources, and functional tools. Our team of experts helps current and future Medicare patients build their understanding of Medicare while navigating the complex system. With an active community of patients, experts, and health care providers, we support the elderly and disabled communities with community-based education and actionable solutions for Medicare to address your health care needs.
Your Guide to a Better Retirement
At RetireGuide, we’re dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and accurate information about financial decisions that affect your retirement.
Transform your iPad®, iPad Mini, iPhone® and iPod Touch® into a powerful communication tool
Communicating with the world around you is challenging when you have difficulty speaking with your natural voice. Using the familiarity of iOS technology, the TouchChat app offers you a dynamic communication solution with easy-to-customize features and a wide range of vocabularies, languages, and voices.
United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire’s philosophy of “Life Without Limits” goes beyond the services we directly provide. UCPIE believes in helping families with requirements that extend outside of our scope of services. With this in mind, UCPIE created our Resource & Referral Program. Through our outreach programs, professional associations, and relationships with similar-minded agencies and groups, we have built a knowledge base for families to find the help they need. The following are Resource Guides & Links we believe will be helpful
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IRTUAL CONNECTIONS is a FREE video conferencing program provided by ARC, in collaboration with Lingraphica. ​
VIRTUAL CONNECTIONS helps people with aphasia meet up online with others who have aphasia.
​VIRTUAL CONNECTIONS provides a SAFE PLACE for all to practice their communications skills in real-time conversations.