Parkinson’s Program

The Parkinson’s Program is an interactive, group participation program which focuses on strengthening, balance, stretching, speech, and case management assistance.  

No one is left out, no matter their phase of ability.   

Our gym is equipped with Theracycle bikes, specifically for Parkinson’s.  The Theracycle bike is a motorized assisted therapy bike that helps in reducing Parkinson’s symptons and improve the clients mobility and motor skills.   It’s all about about movement, mobility and speed.


  1.  Aerobic:  To get the heart pumping for better circulation and brain alertness
  2. Strengthening:  Using resistance training, options of bars, dumbbells, weighted bards and balls
  3. Balance:  Standing or seated movements
  4. Stretching:  Use of yoga poses


  1. Social Interaction:  Participate with peers who also have Parkinson’s
  2. Vocals:  Increase volume and projections
  3. Improvements:  Articulation skills and rate of speech
  4. Increase:  Modulation of pitch

Case Management

  1. Connection:  Community and DPSS Services
  2. Assistance:  Disability paperwork
  3. Connection:  Family resources
  4. Referrals:  Other medical professionals

The program consists of two in-person one-hour physical classes, one one-hour zoom speech class, and Case Management availability as needed, per week.

For more information, please contact Brenda Crawford (760-323-7676) to set up a tour and assessment for the program.   We treat the person, not the disease! 

Dr. Neil Hermanowicz
Eisenhower Medical Center
39000 Bob Hope Dr, Rancho Mirage, CA